The Sword of Oblivion – Book 1 – “Could it be?” – Top 10 best selling Children’s / young adult Fantasy book.

The Sword of Oblivion is a best-selling children’s and teenagers fantasy book. But once the adults start reading it, I will guarantee they will not put the book down, as it will have anyone who reads it laughing out loud from start to finish. Book 1 is called “Could it be” the story centers around Torms and his fellow dwarfs. 

Below is the Blurb form the first book “Could it be”.


Torms and his fellow dwarfs find the location of a long-forgotten mineral called Amberinth, which is believed to be the ancient mineral of the Gods. At this discovery, they set off to Ironclad, the Dwarfen Kingdom, to seek an audience with the king and to ask for a royal mining party. 

 But they soon hit a few setbacks along the way, mainly in the form of Tennant; a very annoying, skinny dwarfen advisor who obsessively lives his life by the legendary book: ‘101 Golden Rules on How to Stay Alive as an Advisor.’

 So, with only a hand full of The Blood Born Guards, a royal mining party, two personal bodyguards the size of a small-mountain; Bash’m, and Beat’m, the advisor and an old philosopher who makes the best omelettes in the kingdom they begin their expedition. 

They think they’re the only ones that know about it, maybe they should think again…

The book when released was in the top 10 children’s books on Amazon, iBook, eBooks and kindle; it also appears under teenager fantasy books and young adult books. 

The map of Gryphon islands shows you the different realms and races upon the island; you have Ironclad the Dwarfen Kingdom set within the mountain range of the Ferral Mountains. Then there’s The Great Tree within the Emerald forest which is the elven Kingdom lies then you have The Dark Fortress with its six towers for its six Masters sat upon The Island of Black Rock. You also have four Warlords that live within the four provinces. 

The children’s fantasy book has it all sorcerers, dwarfs, elves, warlords; there’s even a mountain troll dog called Gypsy. As you work your way through the fantasy book, you will start to relate to some of the characters within. Be it Nakie who fights like a wild animal and eats like one too, to Tennant, the dwarfen advisor to the King, who has to have everything in order and just the way he likes it. There’s even an omelettemaking philosopher who has many a wise for Torms, who is finding it isn’t easy being in charge. 

However, Bash’m, and Beat’m Torms personally assigned bodyguards have to be my favorites. The children’s book and teenagers fantasy book, covers every humorous topic imageable, and that’s why it stayed at the top 10 ten children’s books on Amazon. 

The only way to describe this book is if you like Terry Pratchett or Harry Potter then you will love this book. If you could combine the Witt of Terry Pratchett and magic of Harry Potter into one fantasy book, then this would be the fantasy book you were left with.