The Sword of Oblivion – Book 3 – “It’s War” – Fantasy book for Children, and Young Adults fantasy book

The Sword of Oblivion just keeps on delivering especially in book 3, the final fantasy book in the trilogy. Which has yet again proven to be one of the best and top books for children and young adults. Children and young adult fantasy book lovers are snapping up their copies to see how the story ends and they will not be disappointed; as this great fantasy trilogy book draws to an end.


Now that Rathall the traitorous sorcerer and the warlord Strangaurd have stolen The Sword of Oblivion from the dwarfs, they’re preparing the takeover of Gryphon Island and every race upon it.

But the sword wasn’t the only thing to be stolen; so was Sacul, who is now a prisoner within castle Attin. But all is not lost, as Torms heads out with a small group to recuse him. Leaving Tennant in charge, who now has the pleasure of telling king Crackzull the sword is missing. Which isn’t easy when he’s just turned up to the makeshift fort with what looks like the entire dwarfen race.

King Crackzull has even emptied the prison cells of the most despicable dwarfs imaginable that go by the name of ‘The Band of undesirables.’ Much to the horror of Tenants, as he was the one who had put them away in the first place.

The third and final book in this excellent children’s fantasy book series is when everything comes to a head and just like the titles says “It’s War” but is it really what the inhabitants of Gryphon Island really want?

Not taking into account the Dwarfs they would go to war just about over anything. If it’s one thing a dwarf likes and that’s a good old fashioned punch up and if that said dwarf just happens to have an axe in his hand at the time and standing in the middle of a battlefield; then that’s a bonus. Also in this third and final instalment, you get to meet “The Band of undesirable” something that all lovers of fantasy books will love. They’re ruthless and that’s putting it mildly there isn’t anything or anyone they wouldn’t take on or take care of. That is until they come across Nakie and then they soon realise that they still have a lot to learn when it comes to installing pain on a victim as he gives them a live demonstration on a very unsuspecting and unlucky warrior.

Inevitable one thing leads to another thing and as each and every race descends upon the battlefield; with each and every one of them with a different agenda, it does only lead to one thing and one thing only its time for WAR.

This book has been hailed as a breath of fresh air within the fantasy world. Adult fantasy book lovers are starting to love the book as well and have started to realise its just not a children’s fantasy book or a young adult fantasy book, but just a brilliant book.

So then will there be more to come is the answer everyone wants to know? well then, you’re going to have to just wait and see…