The Sword of Oblivion – Book 2 – “The Find” – Best Children’s fantasy book, and Young Adult fantasy book

The sword of Oblivion is now a very popular fantasy book series for children and young adults. Grim the author has not only created a very funny and hilarious book. He has also created very funny characters along with it, which has proven a hit with lovers of fantasy books everywhere. The book series is even being picked up by adult lovers of fantasy, and one, in particular, Terry Pratchett. If you like Terry Pratchett’s books then you will love these books as well. Below is the Blurb for the second book in the series “The Find.”


Torms and his fellow dwarfs have arrived at the base of Brocken mountains. To mine the once forgotten mine of Rancore a very powerful warlord that once ruled the island. Hoping to find Amberinth, an ancient mineral of the Gods.

After a few setbacks along the way, they are heading for even more, as the mine turns out to be something completely different. With their only means of deciphering what lays ahead, is in a book called Myths & Legends.

Meanwhile, everyone is still spying on each other. The elves are spying on the dwarfs, the sorcerers are spying on everyone, and the warlords are trying to start a war. 

However, the elves have a traitor amongst them, and it doesn’t take the sorcerer Rathall. One of the Masters of The Dark Fortress, to long take full advantage of the situation.

The second book is when the Sword is found “and I’m not giving anything away as you can see this by the cover.” The book is fast paced and starts to bring all the stories of the different races together, the Dwarfs, elves, sorcerers and the warlords. Even though the book is funny at almost every turn it does start to pull in the children and young adult readers into the fantasy book. It starts to make them wonder what will happen next and what the possible outcome will be, with its brilliant and well-written storyline.

However, it soon returns to poor old Tennant the dwarfen advisor still getting a quick boot up the rear, or Nakie who is still hell-bent on eating everything and anything put before him. But it also brings out some of the other characters that have been overshadowed or hidden until now. Like Ripper, Sniffer and Picker, who are all part of the Royal mining crew.

Sniffer is proving to be a firm favourite with the young adults as he pretty much has a carefree approach to life. Just throw him into a tunnel or mine to clear with his home-made contraption sat upon his head and his trusty huge wooden crossbow slung over his shoulder; he’s happy. Well, as happy as a dwarf could be setting off into the unknown when that unknown could entail a tribe of tunnel trolls or poisonous gases. And it’s quite safe to say Sniffers don’t really last long but there always seems to be another dwarf ready and waiting to fill his boots “Literally” that’s if they can find them.

So, if you’re a lover of fantasy books and want to read one of the best and newsiest fantasy books on the market or if you know a child or young adult that does, at least now you know which new set of books to now buy.