The Sword of Oblivion – A Fantasy Book Series – A Map of Gryphon Island

The map of Gryphon Island is a very detailed and beautiful map and it sits well within the fantasy book series of The Sword of Oblivion. kids, young adults and adults and any other lovers of fantasy book series will have praise for the map for its fine detail and accuracy of the book. From North to South and East to West every bit of Gryphon Island is covered with one race or another so let’s get started.

North of the island

This is where the mountain range of the Ferrals lays, within the Ferral Mountains is Ironclad the Dwarfen Kingdom. Ironclad is located towards the eastern edge of the Ferral Mountain range. The kingdom itself is carved out of the mountain, with fifty-foot high steel doors embedded into the rock face. With carvings of King Crackzull himself the dwarfen king. Inside the mountain is a city, home to the entire dwarfen race and further back within the vast cavern is the Royal Palace. Fantasy book series lovers especially children like Ironclad, as its a hustling, bustling city. Packed full of grumpy dwarfs, who like their food and also have a fondness of fighting.

Also a little to the west sits Barren Rock home to Sinnat, Torms, Nakie and Sacul the four main dwarfs within the fantasy book series. They have a small dwelling, a workshop and a mine which they all inherited at a very early age. Not because of their parents dying but because they had decided it was time; that they stood on their own two feet “make a dwarf out of them” so to speak. Even though Sacul was still in nappies.

Center of the island

This is where the elven Kingdon lies within the Emerald Forest. Which outlines the borders of the Elven Kingdom. At the centre of the forest lies The Great Tree home of the Elven King, King Pholanthion. The Great Tree is a quarter of a mile round; on each of its branches, there are high platforms which house libraries, banquet halls, study rooms, classrooms, and everything else associated with the graceful lives of the elves. As you go higher up the tree; the nobler you were. Until you arrive at the throne room at the top of the tree. Beyond that stood the royal chambers containing The Great Hall, where meetings of the Elven Kingdom took place. The elves sit very well within this fantasy book series as they are the common enemy of the dwarfs.

South of the Island

Is where the Warlords ruled, the warlords were divided into four provinces. The First Province was owned by Strangaurd, who was a broad muscular man standing seven feet tall. He was a cruel and merciless ruler; his province was mainly wasteland and marshes, what little it did produce was from farm stock. He squeezed every penny out of the farmers who worked his land. If they didn’t pay, he would kill them and hand the land over to somebody else who could make him money. He spent most of his time sat within Castle Attin, scheming all day.

The Second Province was owned by Two’Bit. He was a short, fat, chubby man who would sell his own grandmother. But he couldn’t because he had already sold her when he was seven for two bit’s, and that is how he got his name, ever since that day the name stuck. He didn’t mind; in fact, he liked it. Being born into a market-trading province, the name Two’Bit had quite a good ring to it, and it helped when he was trying to do deals. If he could sell his own grandmother for two bit’s what else was he willing to sell. Fantasy book series readers find Two’Bit their favourite out of all the warlords.

The Third Province was owned by Zelton; he was sturdy looking, even for a warlord. He had chiselled features with a square jaw. His province wasn’t as large as the first two provinces, but it had a good fishing port, Zelton ruled his province with a fair hand.

The Fourth Province was owned by Wykep. This was the smallest province of them all. Nothing of interest happened here. Wykep was tall, with handsome features, and very rich. His subjects paid their taxes and were left alone, his province was a trading port. If you were rich in any of the other provinces, you would try and buy your way into the Fourth Province.

West of the Island

Was The Island of Black Rock and sat upon Black Rock was The Dark Fortress, surrounded by the harsh waters of the Black Ocean, this is where the sorcerers ruled.

No one knows how the ocean got the name of Black; some say it was because of the dark mystical creatures that lurked below. Others say if you swim in its black icy waters it will wash away your soul. However, swimming in it probably would take your soul due to the powerful currents. But if the truth were to be known, it was down to an old and ancient sorcerer only referred in old ancient texts as X, deep down within the long-forgotten section of the library within The Dark Fortress. X was one off the first sorcerers to step foot on the island, and when he did, he turned its shores deadly black and icy cold to keep out unwanted visitors, or as he put it; mindless time-wasting peasants. Fantasy book series readers especially like the sorcerers and one in partially Meltoy, but if you really like your sorcerers evil then look no further than Rathall.