Book 3

129x198mm final Book Three

It’s war

Now that Rathall the traitorous sorcerer and warlord Strangaurd have stolen The Sword of Oblivion from the dwarfs. They’re now preparing the takeover of Gryphon Island and every race upon it.

But the sword wasn’t the only thing to be stolen so was Sacul, who is now a prisoner within castle Attin. But all is not lost as Torms leads a small group to recuse him.

Leaving Tenants in charge, who now has the pleasure of telling king Crackzull the sword is missing. Which isn’t easy when he’s just turned up to the makeshift fort with what looks like the entire dwarfen race.

He’s even emptied the prison cells of the most despicable dwarfs imaginable that go by the name of ‘The Band of undesirables.’ Much to the horror of Tenants, as he was the one who had put them there in the first place.