Book 2

129x198mm final Book Two

The Find

Torms and his fellow dwarfs have arrived at the base of Brocken mountains to mine the once forgotten mine of Rancore, the powerful warlord who once ruled the island. Their mission? To find Amberinth, an ancient mineral of the Gods.

After a few setbacks along the way they are heading for even more, as the mine turns out to be something quite different to what they expect, and their only means to deciphering what lie ahead, is in an unlikely book called Myths & Legends.

Meanwhile everyone is spying on each other. The elves are spying on the dwarfs, the sorcerers are spying on everyone and the warlords are trying to start a war.

However, the elves have a traitor amongst them, and it doesn’t take the sorcerer Rathall, one of the Masters of The Dark Fortress, long to take full advantage of the situation…